Monthly Archive: July 2009


A Curt Teich Glamour Girl, 1940

My goodness! Somebody is certainly in love with her own appearance, isn’t she? I can’t help but wonder why this young lady doesn’t have a date.


“Floating Nude”, 1939

Edward Weston was far ahead of his time; his series of self-portraits, nudes, landscapes and close-up still-lifes defined modernist photography.



This postcard came to me from Portugal, but it was published in Bombay, India. Is this girl Portuguese? Is she Desi? Do I really care? Plus: a Bollywood dance number!


A is for Amour

The sight of a man wearing nothing but gloves and shoes would be ridiculous in the extreme. Do you begin to understand how I chose my subject matter?

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This postcard has no descriptive text regarding the image — not that any is really needed, mind you….