A is for Amour

Art by Scott Idleman

See, here’s the thing: the sight of a woman wearing nothing but gloves and shoes is tantalizing.  The sight of a man wearing nothing but gloves and shoes would be ridiculous in the extreme.  Do you begin to understand how I chose my subject matter?

This postcard was in my mailbox today; it’s one of a series of 26 Alphabet Erotica Postcards, designed by Scott Idleman.  Coincidentally (or not so much), it’s also the title and cover of the first book of the Erotic Alphabet series, edited by Alison Tyler.  Ms. Tyler has some catching up to do; as of this writing, she’s only up to L Is for Leather.

A thousand thanks to Rothko for sending me this card, and telling me the source.  Clearly there is some postcard shopping in my immediate future.

2 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    I think the reason boys do not pay attention in school is because teachers don’t use attractive visual aids in the classroom. I’m certain my son’s grades would go up with this series.

  2. Sheila says:

    See, I don’t agree. I would find a picture of a man wearing nothing but gloves and shoes equally tantalising, but I haven’t seen any postcards of that sort. No doubt postcard manufacturers are run by men. The Chippendales are missing an opportunity here.

    Actually, I tell a lie. I do have one. I don’t feel I can interrupt my week of cathedrals for a naked man but soon….

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