Dancer of the Lietuvá Dance Group

Not just another pretty face

Kristina sent this card, published in 1979, of a Lithuanian folk dancer. She posted it from Vilnius, but she had to go to Russia to get it first.  She writes: “Chris: I was really amazed discovering this set of cards.  A (well)-known Lithuanian group but I’ve never seen these cards in my country. And captions in three (!!) foreign languages (English, French, and German — Ed.)! Kind of (a) special feeling for foreign tourists or a souvenir.

“Anyway, it was a special group to (be able to) show their programme abroad.  No idea how the dancers used to be selected, but I guess they had to be not only well-trained, but have pretty faces….”

I’ve not seen Kristina, but somehow I feel sure she meets at least half the troupe’s criteria.

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  1. 23 September 2010

    […] Until I am able to post more works by Dichavičius, you can pass the time admiring another postcard from Kristina of a Lithuanian folk dancer. […]

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