“Floating Nude”, 1939

"Floating Nude" by Edward Weston (1939)

Helena in Finland sent me this postcard of one of Edward Weston’s amazing photographs, commenting simply that it was “not a bad way to spend a hot summer day.”  I agree, but not in the way she meant it: the model might have been keeping cool, but Weston was creating art for the ages.

Phaidon summarizes Weston and his work far better than I ever could: “Edward Weston (1886–1958) is one of the seminal figures of twentieth-century photography. An exponent of ‘straight photography’, Weston was committed to making photographs ‘free from technical tricks and incoherent emotionalism’ which were able to capture the essence of the subject. His series of self-portraits, nudes, landscapes and close-up still-lifes defined modernist photography in their formal elegance, simplicity and abstraction. The first photographer to win a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1937, Weston is among the most influential figures in the history of photography.”

The archives of Weston’s work are housed at the University of Arizona.

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