Société Populaire des Beaux-Arts

A metaphor for light and shadow

This postcard reproduces a lithograph by Alphonse Mucha (Czech, 1860-1939) done for the Société Populaire des Beaux-Arts in 1897.  Moriah tells me that “Mucha is one of my favorite artists, so I love sharing his work with others. The text on this card reads, ‘Art brought to the People through projections.’ It advertised a group that held discussions and showed slideshows to the general public so that art could be accessible to those who couldn’t afford to travel or buy expensive pieces.”

Sounds like this was the 19th Century equivalent of the A/V Club.  Aw, who am I kidding — without the Internet to keep me amused, I’m sure I would have been there too.  Probably running the projector.

Thanks, Moriah — not just for the postcard, but for writing my blog entry for me too!

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