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Did you forget your tennis racket again?

How can this knavish rogue be expected to carry a tennis racket on his spiffy Beeza — or even remember it, for that matter, when he’s so busy perfecting his look? Tennis whites? Check. Garish red dinner jacket? Check. Year’s supply of Brylcreem used up for a single outing? Check. And it all goes great with his BSA motorcycle, painted in their signature green and gold.

Silly as this look seems, back then it apparently had the desired effect. The object of his affection looks especially perky today.

Many, many thanks to Brenda from 9teen87’s Postcards for this terrific blast from the past!

3 Responses

  1. Sheila says:

    I always wonder about the intended messages. You attract girls if you ride a BSA? Successful men ride BSAs? Riding a BSA will make you look sporty and attractive? All of the above, no doubt.

  2. postcardy says:

    Happy PFF.
    That kind of jacket would be considered a blazer.Some more vintage tennis fashions here:

  3. Beachilike says:

    Happy PFF,
    Wanna have a ride with me, he might say?

    Or shall we play tennis together, she says?

    Cute card.

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