Elena Nekludova

Not your typical yearbook photo

Anya in Saint Petersburg (or, in her words, “Vodka and Bears Land”) tells me that Elena Nekludova is “a very famous radio DJ on one of the radio stations, and a famous party girl.”  I’m simply flabbergasted; in America, DJs don’t usually look this good.  I’ve often told a DJ friend of mine that he has a great face for radio.

But Elena is more than just a pretty face; she’s also a singer of some talent, too.  Once I got this card, I found Elena’s website, and I’ve been enjoying her album “Five Generations”, which is billed as a retrospective of the greatest hits (presumably, in Russia) of the 20th century.  Take a listen to the first track, “Blue Guitar”.

(Update: The “Blue Guitar” video has been pulled, and I can’t seem to find another one anywhere. But enjoy this 2004 single, entitled “Life”.)

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