From “Akte”, Photo by Gorden Thye

"...a few more pounds would fit her well"

Janina sent this card over from Hamburg, Germany, saying “I think this lady is a bit skinny; a few more pounds would fit her well.”  I don’t necessarily disagree but, on the other hand, she’s broad where a broad should be broad.  That being said and, artistic merit aside, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this photo is probably not safe for work.

This postcard is one of a set entitled Akte Postcards 30. To my poor German, the word akte, meaning file (think records or dossiers) is a play on another German word, akt, meaning nude.

I found an article about Mr. Thye in the April 2001 issue of Akt & Foto magazine, which stated (roughly; thank goodness so many English words come from German): “Gorden Thye’s sessions are consistently done with a small SLR camera, almost exclusively in black and white, and always with the sparsest of resources. The play of light and shadows, sharpness and blur, are the only ingredients to expressive photography, quiet and well designed, avoiding drama and exaggerated gestures.” The results certainly speak for themselves.

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  1. I agree with the sender that a few more pounds would fit her well. You can see her ribs. Eww.

  2. Amaziiing foto. hahahaaa

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