“Jester” by Olivia

Hey Miss Bettie

How the postal gods mock me. To what infernal machinations have they subjected this formerly pristine postcard sent to me by girlzoot? Fortunately, the salient portion of the postcard appears to be unsullied.

As you may know, this is one of many images of the first lady of pinups, Bettie Page, by the equally incomparable artist Olivia de Berardinis. In “Jester”, Olivia places her in a bodystocking modeled after a court comic’s costume. Now that’s what I call a harlequin romance!

Snail Mail RocksThen, of course, is girlzoot, who is not legendary but probably ought to be; she says “(I) do so love your site.” Coincidentally, this site loves women who revel in the beauty of their own gender.

She also has an “oodle of a caboodle” of postcards of this nature, but the dilemma is knowing to whom to send them; I am shocked to learn that some folks might find receiving a postcard like this offensive in some way. But if potential recipients are a problem, consider it solved; I hereby volunteer. My own challenge will be to send girlzoot postcards that she’ll love just as much.

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