Lithuanian Folk Clothing

Authentic socks under authentic boots

According to the description (which is in Lithuanian), this postcard is one of a “Lithuanian Folk Clothing” series. Kristina, who sent me this postcard from Vilnius, confirms this: “Kind of (an) old postcard, produced in 1991, in a series (of) Lithuanian national clothing, which isn’t focused on pretty faces but can show quite pretty legs. (These are) authentic clothes from the mid-19th Century in the southwest of Lithuania.”  Sure, her legs look good now, but once she stands up they’ll be hidden again.

This particular card shows clothing from Zanavykai (in Lithuanian, Žemaitija). You can see more examples of folk clothing from Zanavykai and from the rest of Lithuania in the article National Costume by Teresė Jurkuvienė, part of the Anthology of Lithuanian Ethnoculture hosted at Vilnius University.

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3 Responses

  1. Sreisaat says:

    Nice card, Chris. I have always been in the lookout for postcards showing traditional clothings. Thanks for sharing the links.

  2. Local says:

    Zanavykai is sort of subregion of Suvalkija, not Žemaitija.

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