Lobowl Medical Company, 1918

Good for what ails you

Anny in Taichung City, Taiwan found this card in her postcard album and decided I would like it.  She couldn’t be more right!  This postcard is a reproduction of a calendar poster from the Lobowl Medical Company.

According to Anny, the left and right side grids show various medicines, and the efficacy of each.  Each of the bottom corners also contains pictures of medicines, these in their Lobowl packaging: an expectorant on the right, and something called “Hazel-Rimefoam” on the left.  I’m not sure I want to know what that is.  Between those two pictures lies the Chinese calendar for the year 1918.

And yet, surrounded by all these potions, our spokesmodel has decided to make do with some herbal tea.

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4 Responses

  1. Anny says:

    Hi, Chris 🙂
    I’m so happy that you like this card.
    I received your lovely fawn card today,
    and those stamps are great, too!:P
    All the best.
    Thank you very very much!:D

    Nice to swapped with you,
    Happy Postcrossing 🙂

  2. Lay Hoon says:

    This is a gorgeous even it’s a reproduction piece.

  3. Jacky says:

    I’ve the original poster!

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