One of Her Favorite Games

Hey, sweetheart, I'm up here

At first I thought that the artist might have been employing sarcasm with this caption.  But then I said to myself, “Self, that just can’t be. After all, what woman doesn’t live to wait on her man hand and foot?”  It was then that I noticed that her eyes aren’t quite looking at his.  I wonder if Beefcake here made it out of that bathroom without needing a second shower.

How about that groovy green tile?  I think that’s the color that Sears Roebuck used to call “avocado”.  I’ll just bet that they have a matching refrigerator.

This postcard is from Anne Taintor’s collection of 30 postcards entitled Another Day in Paradise. I’ve sent out quite a few of the others, but I’m keeping this one for myself.

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