Monthly Archive: August 2009


One of Her Favorite Games

At first I thought that the artist might have been employing sarcasm with this caption. But then I thought, what woman doesn’t live to wait on her man hand and foot?


To Ask a Blessing

This hula dancer is far more lovely than any pinup, but Michelle’s comments from Honolulu have led my wife to conclude that I am developing an unsavory reputation.


The Temple of Venus

Finnish artist Albert Edelfelt produced this piece two years before his death at the age of 51. Clearly, his appreciation of the female form never waned.


A Stiff Breeze

My grandmother used to hang out clothes to dry in the wintertime, but never quite got results like this.


Turkish Bath, NYC, 1904

Most of the Byron Collection photos are documentary in nature, but this one’s a bit odd. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the man in this picture is a woman with a false mustache.