Sea Belle

La belle demoiselle

Andy at my REAL wall sent me this nautical nymph from London, specifically with this blog in mind. It’s good to have fans! I’m a fan of Andy’s work as well: tired of all the stuff on his Facebook wall, Andy closed his Facebook account and set up some real walls in his house.  Now, the posts on his wall come through the post.

As long as you’re sending me a postcard (hint hint) why not send Andy something as well? The anticipation of waiting for your post to show up on his wall is surprisingly a lot of fun, and the posts from others that you see in the meantime are usually a lot more interesting than the ones on Facebook.

The image on this postcard is entitled “Sea Belle” and is from a stock photography group called Avid Images, though the card itself was published by Athena Photographics.  I found the postmark interesting as well:

The Post Office: It's not just for stamps anymore

Note that the Royal Mail now seems to be in the gift card business. Meanwhile, it seems to me that the United States Postal Service is downsizing their marketing and merchandising; the one post office in my town that had any merchandise hasn’t been restocking and is now almost completely devoid of any saleable items. It seems to me that they ought to be doing the opposite and generate some sales revenue.

Enjoying her freedom

As an homage to Andy, here’s a look at the Sea Belle on temporary display near my (currently somewhat disorganized) postcard boxes.

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