The Art of Lee Joong Seop

Watercolors and Sketches by Lee Joong Seop

I wasn’t sure what to make of this card when it arrived from Natalie in Columbus, Ohio: “I don’t live in Korea but I like this card. I got it at an art gallery in Seoul in 2005.”  I think we both assumed that this was the work of a still-living artist but, following some research, I believe that it is the work of Lee Joong Seop (1916-1956).  Mr. Lee lived and worked on Jeju Island, some 80 miles south of the Korean Peninsula.  His home there is something of a local landmark, and the street on which he lived has been renamed in his honor.

Natalie says, in so many words, that the concept of the show she attended celebrated postage stamps and, in fact, each artwork featured on this postcard is in fact a sticker that one may peel off.  (Don’t you dare!)  If you click on the postcard, you can examine it in more detail.  The dates on each work show that all of them were produced from 1941 to 1951.

As evidenced in at least three of the works shown, Mr. Lee certainly had a unique view of the female form.

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