To Ask a Blessing

Caution: trained dancer. Should not be attempted by lei men.

Michelle in Honolulu sent this beautiful postcard, saying “I noticed you have a thing for pinups, but I wanted to send you something different.”  This hula dancer postcard far more lovely than any pinup, but Michelle’s comments have led my wife to conclude that I am developing an unsavory reputation.  I beg to differ; the day I stop admiring lovely girls (my wife included, and above all others) is the day you can put me in the ground.

This hand-tinted photo is by Randy Jay Braun.

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  1. 13 January 2016

    […] in Honolulu, Hawaii was kind enough to send a follow-up to her previous card, an absolutely amazing hula girl. This new card features a 1946 illustration by Billy DeVorss, who produced images for advertising […]

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