Monthly Archive: September 2009


Beach Bettie

Bettie Page, as photographed by Bunny Yeager who was herself a ridiculously gorgeous pinup girl back in the day.


Map of Mexico, Circa 1930

When Ana at My World of Postcards received a card identical to this one a few weeks ago, she mentioned that she thought it would appeal to me. She was right.


Femme à l’ombrelle

One of two postcards that arrived yesterday from Kris: Alaskan, postcard collector, and modern Galahad.


Imagen en Azul (Yemaya)

This “image in blue” is subtitled Yemaya, which happens to be the name of a Santeria deity — but it’s not the deity. Confused yet?



As collar pins go, this one seems a bit bulky — sort of like wearing Tinker Belle around your neck.


There’s One at Every Bar

This timeless bit of humor is actually dated, with a copyright stamp showing 1970, and comes from the collection of my Aunt Brenda, the family’s previous Keeper of the Postcards.


The Walkman

Never has there been a better argument for abandoning digital music and returning to cassettes.