Bad Habit

In case of fire, submerge

I know next to nothing about this postcard; where I got it, how long I’ve had it, even the artwork itself, it’s all a mystery. This unused postcard was manufactured in Amsterdam and bears the legend “A. Carlos das Dores / Bad habit / air brush 1984”.

I do know that I’ve had it for several years, and that I must have liked it back then. I like it now, too, though my tastes today run a little more toward the classic. Nevertheless, this image says “art deco” to me, despite its more modern origin. Another thing I like about this image is that I have a bathtub like this one — although mine is empty just now.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to find any information online about the artist or this artwork. For all I know, A. Carlos das Dores is a street artist who got rooked out of the rights to his image for a pittance.

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  1. I am sooo jealous of your giant clawfoot bathtub.

  2. Cees says:

    Carlos das Dores was a paintbrush artist who used to live in Amsterdam. In the seventies he was a colleague of mine at Tekart Perspectief in Amstelveen, where we made exploded views for manuals and artist impressions (paintbrush) for mainly machines. Mannesmann Demag was one of our main clients. Don’t know if Carlos is still alive.

  3. ac das dores says:

    Yes,Chris and Cees,I am STILL alive and kiking in beautiful amsterdam.
    Great to see my card plastered in the internet and appreciated by somebody(?).
    That is true,I used this image in a few expositions in Holland and Germany and sold rights for a limited period to a short lived Brasilian publishing here in amsterdam (for a pittance+1 cent per card sold…never heard of this people again,umbelivable!!! but I still have the original(60X70cm)and a few cards,somewhere.) By the way,once a saw this card in the waterlooplein,amsterdam in a rack,for sale,but never got the cents due to me…surprise…surprise…

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