Imagen en Azul (Yemaya)

Well, I guess there's a little blue in there

US Postage from PostmuseThis postcard featuring a painting by self-taught Cuban artist José Garcia Montebravo comes to me from Postmuse. Her usual M.O. is to send you a postcard related to you or your experiences inside an envelope, then ask you to write her a message about it and send it back. I did this for her for a postcard from an Atlanta museum with which I was less than thrilled (the museum, not the card), and was properly rewarded with this card just for me.

This “image in blue” is subtitled Yemaya, which happens to be the name of a Santeria deity. Garcia stresses, however, that this is not a painting of the deity, but is instead a painting of a doll who happens to have the same name. “I paint the simple little black doll with the necklaces and the clothes characteristic of the deity to which she belongs,” he says. “She is not the deity.”

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