Monthly Archive: September 2009


Good Health and Happy Days

A postcard sent by my great-great-great-grandmother, found among the original collection of postcards belonging to my great-grandfather.


Baon New Collection

Olga in Novosibirsk decided that this girl was pretty enough to pass muster, and she is — but it takes a certain type of girl to pull off a sweater like this.


Amorsolo’s “The Bathers”

This extraordinary image was mailed to me last June by young Lorraine in Quezon City, Philippines; I can’t imagine why I haven’t posted it before now.


Hawaiian Pin-Up Girl, 1946

This postcard features a 1946 illustration by Billy DeVorss, who produced images for advertising but is primarily known for his pin-up girls.


An Aussie Sheila

Bleached hair, butterfly tattoo over the heart, the color-coordinated, overzealous eye-shadow, and a vocabulary that would peel paint. I think I’m in love.


Bad Habit

One thing I like about this image is that I have a bathtub like this one — although mine is empty just now.