Monthly Archive: October 2009


Beyond the Boughs

While not sent specifically in celebration of Halloween, it strikes me that this lady is quite prepared for Samhain festivities.


Turkish Woman, 1909

This modern reproduction comes from Levant Koleksiyon, a little art and framing shop in the Beyoğlu section of Istanbul, Turkey.


Oh, Just Out for a Stroll

It’s so cold in GirlZoot’s neck of the woods that its impossible to imagine this type of sunbathing, even with this visual aid.


Belgrade Women

This postcard (from Zhanna, herself a Belgrade woman) struck me as an oddity, and not only because it is my first card from Serbia.



The doomed maiden rests in the arms of what appears to be an Aztec god, and is clearly overjoyed about it. Her honeymoon, perhaps?