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This postcard (from Zhanna, herself a Belgrade woman) struck me as an oddity, and not only because it is my first card from Serbia. (Well, unless you count this card from Budva, Montenegro, but they split from Serbia in 2006.) No, the odd thing about it is that, on the front, it presents Belgrade women as faceless, interchangeable sex objects — meanwhile, on the back, almost the entire message section contains a pre-printed paragraph, in both English and Serbian, extolling the beauties of the women of Belgrade. From my limited knowledge, I must admit that I agree with the sentiments expressed, which were clearly written by a man. I present the text in its entirety:

“One of the first impressions visitors have when they arrive to Belgrade is the astonishing beauty of this city’s women. It is hard to answer how come they are so breathtakingly beautiful. Maybe it has to do with the care and time they devote to their good looks, maybe it is a historical treat of mixing lighter-haired Slavs with darker-skinned adventurers from the Mediterranean for a couple of centuries, and perhaps it is simply a magic that casts its spell on everyone. Most likely, it’s a little bit of everything….”

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  1. Ana says:

    hmmmm….ill give some personal input here
    I totally agree with the statement that Belgrade women are really beautiful, have lovely appearances etc…whether you walk the streets of Belgrade or just watch some TV stations, you’ll notice that they always seem impeccable and have this “I look like a top model” attitude…and they really do

    there is also some sort of stereotype among Macedonian men regarding Belgrade women (or Serbian women in general)..
    Generally speaking, Macedonian men OFTEN compare Serbian women with the Macedonian ones and they say how Serbians are much more liberal and open and easier to talk to and approach to, whether you are on the street or at a cafe and so on…and how Macedonian ladies are very vain and self-centred and so full of themselves and if you wanna approach them at a cafe they will usually give you this cold “i look down on you” look…

    the true story behind it all is something i wont post here in public 😀

    and i still think that the front of this card DOES convey a message too, no matter how much does it clash with the text on the back

    first Serbian card…..uhmm…lets see if we manage to make it to the second one soon 😉

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