Mexican Calendar Girls: “Flores”

Damn that florist, anyway

Damn that florist, anyway. Rosa in Mexicali, Baja California was kind enough to send me a second postcard from the Mexican Calendar Girls Postcard Box by Chronicle Books. This one features an image entitled Flores (Flowers) by Armando Drechsler, which first appeared circa 1939. Of course, this postcard is a modern reproduction.

Rosa says that “this is my favorite postcard. She is beautiful and I love the colors.” Me gusta tambien. Red, white and green are, of course, the colors that appear on Mexico’s flag.

One can’t help but admire Drechsler’s work here. His depiction of this woman is everything a man could want: large eyes, full red lips, the curves and swells of a beautiful body — then he has to go and ruin it by putting a bouquet in the way.

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  1. Ana says:

    or maybe she just wants to hide some of her “flaws” behind the bouquet…lest not forget, women are perfect at being too judgmental about the way they look and will always find a reason to complain about how they look and will always find something to be dissatisfied about…and thats always something thats invisible to men’s eyes, coz more or less its often non-existent in the first place…but is like a nail in the women’s eyes

    yeah, that was a woman speaking 🙂

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