I just died in your arms tonight

I just died in your arms tonight. Rosa in Mexicali, Baja California very kindly sent me a third postcard from the Mexican Calendar Girls Postcard Box by Chronicle Books. Being generally suspicious of Correos de México (the postal service there), she mailed this card from California, USA.

The image on this card is entitled Sacrificio (“Sacrifice”) and first appeared circa 1945. The doomed maiden rests in the arms of what appears to be an Aztec god, and is clearly overjoyed about it. Her honeymoon, perhaps? I must admit that looking at her makes me a little giddy myself.

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3 Responses

  1. Ana says:

    mmmmm, una chica hermosa!

    btw, the title under the card first made me think of this:

    ps. mailed from California you say?? I feel how an evil grin comes to my face 😀

    j/k 😉

  2. Rosa says:

    And another postcard send from Mexico is on your way and other is going to Macedonia 😉

    I send that postcard from US cuz’ i want it to arrive first than the other 2.

  3. PostMuse says:

    Postcard is fabulous. Cutting Crew earworm, not so much so.

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