Florida: Nothing Butt Fun

Bronzed Assets

I hesitated just a little before posting these cards from Kris, as they seem at first glance to be a little more objectifying than my normal fare — but they do meet the criteria of girls who go postal and, despite first glances, Kris’s commentary finds the beauty within:

“It is interesting to note that often the face of ‘the beautiful woman’ in myth and fairy tales (was) left unseen…. Feminists tend to think it was a patriarchal conspiracy to depict women as objects but, like the prohibition against God’s graven image, I think it can be argued that no man or woman has ever captured the full picture of any truly beautiful woman. Nothing against trying…. In the attempt we perhaps get closer or at least come to know our weaknesses.”

Mighty Aphrodite

Kris continues: “This is definitely a modern Aphrodite fresh from the clamshell — though its possible she could be one of the Sirens seen in the Odyssey. Either way, I think she and Bronzy are two of the immortals.”

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    Helo filme sexi plz tanks.

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