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Why the Marines went to Tripoli

This must be why the Marines went to the shores of Tripoli. Omran contacted me from Tripoli with an offer to swap a postcard. Not having any postcards from Libya, I was glad to accept. Next thing I know, five postcards show up in my mailbox! Looks like a good start to my Libya file. While they are all interesting, this one, alas, is the only one featuring a woman.

Not having met any Libyan women myself (so far as I know, and I exclude American women of Libyan descent), I googled the phrase “Libyan women” — at which point Google suggested I search for “hot Libyan women” and “beautiful Libyan women.” Most of the sites under those categories turned out to be mail-order bride sites. Could there really be a high demand outside of Libya for Libyan wives?

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  1. umm salwan says:

    just thought I’d comment as I found this page the same way -search Libyan women- these sites you found automatically place the nationality you typed in, even if there are no women from that country within their members. I hardly think you would find any actual Libyan women who are members there.


    A Libyan woman

  1. 17 April 2011

    […] sent me several nice cards from Tripoli last month; while I was able to blog about his postcard of a Libyan woman at Girls Go Postal!, I haven’t had a chance to post any of the others. But Evelyn’s A Festival of […]

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