Dangerous Visions

From the "Visions Cycle" of Rimantas Dichavičius

The lovely Kristina in Vilnius has sent me a number of works by Lithuanian photographer Rimantas Dichavičius (1937- ), but I have been delinquent in sharing them with you. Yes, it’s an oversight which will soon be corrected. This particular work is displayed on a postcard measuring about 8½ inches by 6 inches (about 21.5 cm x 15 cm). No title is given, but it is part of the photographer’s “Visions Cycle.”

Kristina describes the work as “an allusion to an amber castle under the sea, (which is a) well-known plot here.” It’s the plot of the Lithuanian folk legend of Jūratė and Kastytis, she a mermaid, he a fisherman.

Until I am able to post more works by Dichavičius, you can pass the time admiring another postcard from Kristina of a Lithuanian folk dancer.

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