Art by Luka Vaitkevičienė

My young friend Silvija in Lithuania had this card for some time and became quite attached to it, seeing something of herself in it, but ultimately decided to send it to me for my birthday last month — well, sort of; the occasion of my birthday reminded her to send me something.  This piece is by Luka Vaitkevičienė and is called Balta mišrainė — literally, “white salad”, a traditional dish which makes use of peas.  The card includes a little rhyme, for which Silvi provided a translation. As always, you get to see the front of the card, but the message is just for me.

Use some Force, Luka

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  1. Nine day-old peas? Try prahok, it’s like the Cambodian-version of cheese, only it’s made from fish. Ferment fish. It’s not for the faint-hearted!
    I love the postcard… I can see why she’s attached to it and so sweet of her to send it to you on your special day 🙂

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