Offerings for the Gods

So... the offerings are behind the fruit baskets?

Dea in Indonesia wonders if these girls are beautiful enough to join my collection. Not only are they stunning, but they are engaged in a most important daily ritual: the preparation of offerings to their Hindu gods. They wear traditional dress, and some of the ceremonies can be quite long and elaborate. Thanks, Dea, for this beautiful image.

Coincidentally, I received another postcard from Indonesia today, also featuring three hotties. Well, OK, volcanoes. Check it out at Wild Postcards.

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  1. Postcards Crossing says:

    Gorgeous women, and I love their dresses. Much of the offering rituals fall on the shoulders of women, including budgeting for their daily offerings.

    Happy Earth Day and Easter!

  1. 21 April 2011

    […] Check out Girls Go Postal! to see today’s other Indonesian postcard which, in yet another coincidence, also features three smokin’ hotties. […]

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