Letter from Helsinki, 1910

Tarya in Helsinki found this card for me in the Post Museum, which houses not only collections of postcards, but other mail-related ephemera, and even mail processing equipment from days past. This card is a reproduction of a postcard from 1910 and, not only does it look old, it feels old, and it’s even the right size — smaller than the postcards of today.

Certainly this photograph is posed, and not for a family portrait; it has an overabundance of cleavage for portraits of this time period. But it’s a wonderful image of days gone by, when letters were much more commonplace. I write letters myself, so feel free to write me a letter of your own. But first, take a look at the other wonderful Wednesday postcards at Postcard Perfect.

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2 Responses

  1. Postcards Crossing says:

    If I had a pair of boots like hers, I would probably be writing a lot of letters. Heck, I’d probably be sending you letters regularly! LOL.

  2. Tsang says:

    I have seen today unique kind of postcard, and this is one of it.

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