A Chain of Tears Around the World

Surely, you must wonder, why would the sender of this card place the stamp and the address (on a sticker which I removed from the lower right corner) on the front, instead of on the back? Well, it turns out that the back was full:

This is my first “chain” postcard! Unlike a chain letter, a postcard is sent to someone, who sends that very postcard to someone else, who sends it to someone else, until it ultimately makes its way back to the original sender. Each sender covers up their own address with stamps and stickers, and forwards it along.

In exchange for this forwarding, I forwarded along cards from other members of the chain so that each card makes the same trip around the world.  This card had quite the journey, starting from beautiful downtown Gainesville, Georgia, USA on 11 May 2011:

Destination Arrived Time Distance (km) Distance (mi)
Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China 27 May 2011 16 Days 11,751 km 7,302 mi
Bangkok, Thailand 7 June 2011 11 Days 3,011 km 1,871 mi
Moscow, Russian Federation 8 July 2011 31 Days 7,021 km 4,367 mi
Beograd, Serbia 22 July 2011 14 Days 1,703 km 1,058 mi
Lille, France 30 July 2011 8 Days 1,448 km 900 mi
Gainesville, Georgia, USA 8 August 2011 9 Days 6,932 km 4,307 mi
Total 89 Days 31,866 km 19,805 mi

Many, many thanks to the other members of the chain who sent my card along. My second chain postcard is sitting in a mailbox in Hawaii, waiting for Lauren to get back from vacation and return to her serious responsibilities of forwarding my mail.

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  1. I’ve seen the threads on the forum about chain postcards and I’m constantly amazed that they actually seem to work. I half expect the various post offices to get fed up searching for the address, it just seems so messy. Clearly they are more conscientious than I would be.

  2. Rathnashikamani says:

    Interesting presentation!

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