A Painting by Tomo Vladimirski

Yesterday’s mail brought a letter and this wonderful card from my dear friend Ana; it shows the work of Tomo Vladimirski (1904-1971) who, according to Wikipedia, is considered to be one of the founders of Macedonian painting. It’s easy to see why; the colors and textures replace light and shadow in a remarkable way. Despite Vladimirski’s status as painter emeritus, however, it’s not easy to find out much more about him. Even Macedonian cultural websites do not mention more than his existence, and the occasional showings of his work. Truly a pity; I would love to see more of it. If it’s not to be posted online, perhaps I can see his work personally some day.

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4 Responses

  1. Marina Vladimirska says:

    Dear Mr.Overstreet,

    I am the daughter of the academic painter Tomo Vladimirski. I live in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. I was very glad to see this website and read the nice words about his paining. You are right saying that there are too little facts about him and his works.Yesterday in Skopje was open an exhibition upon 40 years from his death. If you are interested seeing more of his works, please contact me by mail.
    Marina Vladimirska,
    Chemical engineer, OKTA Crude Oil Refinery

  2. Marina Vladimirska says:

    Dear Mr.Overstreet,
    Find me on facebook,
    Best regards,
    Vladimirska Marina

  3. The painting is amazing. I wonder how much it would be and if it’s for sale ??

    – Jennifer

  4. Babara Vines says:

    Really love the artful vignettes she’s created throughout her home. They’re compositions!

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