Air Minded, and Free as the Breeze

"Free as the Breeze", a Mutoscope Arcade Card

“Insert Coin. Push slide in. Pull out slowly and receive card. 1 Cent.” At a penny a piece, surely there was no greater bargain at the penny arcade. These Mutoscope arcade cards are a little smaller than standard-sized postcards, measuring perhaps 3-3/8″ by 5-3/8″, and are blank on the back. I did a little research on these particular cards, and I see them for sale in various places, ranging from $14 – $40 each.

"Air Minded", a Mutoscope Arcade Card

Unfortunately, I don’t recall precisely how I acquired these, but it was probably as part of someone’s collection, meaning that I probably paid pennies for them, like the original owners did. Truly a bargain!

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