An Illustration by Martta Wendelin

A Martta Wendelin illustration of girls picking flowers

Postcard Friendship Friday!Martta Wendelin (1893-1986) was a Finnish illustrator whose work was widely known for magazine and book covers, children’s illustrations, and other things like postcards. I suppose she was Finland’s Norman Rockwell. According to Alternative Finland, “she created an image of the idyllic Finnish family and almost singlehandedly reshaped the image of the ‘traditional Finnish’ Christmas. The cozy red cottages, birch trees, lakes and rural people, caring mothers and boldly working men were part of the Finnish mindscape that Wendelin created.” So perhaps she’s not just Finland’s Norman Rockwell, but their Currier & Ives as well.

This is an official Postcrossing card that I received a few years ago from Tintti; it looks like this is one of the last cards she sent before disappearing from Postcrossing. Well, that’s OK; I took a few years off from serious trading and collecting myself.

And speaking of returning, this entry marks a return to Postcard Friendship Friday as well, albeit a couple of days late. Click on the logo and say hi to Beth and some other postcard folks.

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  1. Beth says:

    This is SO lovely! Thank you for linking up with Postcard Friendship Friday!

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