The Spirit of Lady Godiva

"Market Day: It's a Gift". Naked women at Dish D'lish, Seattle ©2004 Harvey

Ah, the Pacific Northwest. Photographer Harvey Drouillard takes his models, men and women, to public places, wearing clothing that can be shorn easily. On cue, the models undress; Harvey gets as many shots as he can over the course of about ten seconds and, by the time anybody registers what just happened, the models are back in their clothes and on their way. The results are catalogued in book form (The Spirit of Lady Godiva), on postcards and, no doubt, on other media as well. You can read more about a typical shoot in this archived article from independent Seattle publication The Stranger.

"A Star on Broadway" ©2004 Harvey "Come as You Were: Historic Ballard" ©2004 Harvey "Escape Through Style" ©2004 Harvey
"Life During Wartime: Seafair, Pioneer Square" ©2004 Harvey "New Arrivals: Timeless Classics" ©2004 Harvey "The Spirit of Lady Godiva" ©2004 Harvey

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