Jeune Mauresque

"Jeune Mauresque" Moorish Girl Antique Postcard (1913)

From French Algiers, 1913, comes this Moorish girl in a costume that’s probably intended to be a bit scintillating. Like the costume, our sender’s handwriting also leaves a bit to the imagination; I’m not certain how this card ever reached its destination — assuming, of course, that it did. Our sender posted the card on 22 December, 1913 to Mlle. Bourgine in Paris and, from what I can make out, wanted to tell her what he was up to that particular evening, but the penmanship is lost on me. Can you make out what he was trying to tell her?

"Jeune Mauresque" Postcard (Verso)

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2 Responses

  1. French girl says:

    Maybe “Je m’embarque ce soir pour Tanger” with spelling errors.

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