Natalie Kovanko, 1920

Natalie Kovanko, 1920

Sepia Saturday for 6 Feb 2016Russian-born Natalie Kovanko (seen here in a reproduction postcard) poses for her portrait in Paris, in 1920. Born in 1899 in Crimea, she emigrated to France following the Russian Revolution in 1917. She apparently had some success as an actress (at least, according to IMDb), but ultimately returned to Kiev, where she died in 1967.

This week over at Sepia Saturday there’s a celebration of the moving image; be sure to pay a visit. Don’t be bothered if you’re a day late — I was, too!

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5 Responses

  1. genie says:

    What a beautiful photo and her story is so interesting. She definitely looks like an actress. .I, too, was late…later than you…but I still posted.

  2. Helen McHargue says:

    She’s a beauty and what a hat!

  3. Sharon says:

    Yes, that is certainly a unique hat!

  4. Jo in Melbourne Aus says:

    A mysterious Russian beauty indeed.

  5. She certainly has the classic Russian actress eyes and an interesting hat. The way the lighting accentuates the feathers makes her resemble a Dr Seuss character though.

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