Evelyn Brent, Actress

Evelyn Brent Postcard

It took a little doing to discover that this unlabeled card (sent by 15-year-old Anna from the Czech Republic and printed in Russia) is an image of Evelyn Brent (née Betty Riggs in 1901), one of the early stars of motion pictures. She got an early start as an extra in silent pictures, which led to an important role in one of them, after which she went to London on vacation — and wound up staying there for four years, appearing in a number of films as well as on the London stage. She continued to work in films until 1950, after which she became an actor’s agent. She did return to television in 1960 after the death of her third husband (vaudevillian Harry Fox, for whom the foxtrot was named) for a role in Wagon Train, playing a housekeeper, proving the axiom that there are no small roles, only small actors. She died in 1975, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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