Author: The Deltiologist


Glow by JLO

This Australian card promises you a complimentary sample of Jennifer Lopez’s fragrance upon presentation at any Myer Grace Bros department store.


Société Populaire des Beaux-Arts

This lithograph advertised a group that held discussions and showed slideshows to the general public so that art could be accessible to those who couldn’t afford to travel or buy expensive pieces.


September Morn

THE SENSATION OF THE YEAR. FIRST PRIZE — At Paris Salon, June 1912, for which the Artist won the medal of honor, the highest recognition which any Artist can attain in France.

1 #4

One of a series of vintage pinup postcards in this modern re-publication by the late This pose looks hard on the lower back, but it’s great for that all-over, even tan.


CK One

Strong enough for a man, but made for…? Apropos that the first post should be labelled “One”.