Category: Art


Imagen en Azul (Yemaya)

This “image in blue” is subtitled Yemaya, which happens to be the name of a Santeria deity — but it’s not the deity. Confused yet?



As collar pins go, this one seems a bit bulky — sort of like wearing Tinker Belle around your neck.


Amorsolo’s “The Bathers”

This extraordinary image was mailed to me last June by young Lorraine in Quezon City, Philippines; I can’t imagine why I haven’t posted it before now.


Bad Habit

One thing I like about this image is that I have a bathtub like this one — although mine is empty just now.


The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl

Moriah sends this “in honor of adventures and my favorite girls who go postal…. I thought you might enjoy the daring likes of Supergirl.” I do, especially when I flip over the card and there’s Supergirl again, with a personal greeting!


Bubbling Over

It turns out that you can conserve water by decreasing the size of your bathtub — or, in this case, temporarily repurposing a washtub.


“Jester” by Olivia

Girlzoot’s first of hopefully many postcard contributions is an image of the first lady of pinups, Bettie Page, by the equally incomparable artist Olivia de Berardinis.


Three Wahines

This trio seem to be triplets, and they all have eyes for a soapy saxophonist. Musicians do tend to get the girls, don’t they?