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Oh, Just Out for a Stroll

It’s so cold in GirlZoot’s neck of the woods that its impossible to imagine this type of sunbathing, even with this visual aid.


The Walkman

Never has there been a better argument for abandoning digital music and returning to cassettes.

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Here’s another of a series of vintage pinup postcards, and this blog’s raison d’être: a nude woman with mom hair. Compared with modern advertising imagery, this photo is far more innocent.


“Floating Nude”, 1939

Edward Weston was far ahead of his time; his series of self-portraits, nudes, landscapes and close-up still-lifes defined modernist photography.

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This postcard has no descriptive text regarding the image — not that any is really needed, mind you….

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One of a series of vintage pinup postcards in this modern re-publication by the late This pose looks hard on the lower back, but it’s great for that all-over, even tan.