Category: Pinups



The doomed maiden rests in the arms of what appears to be an Aztec god, and is clearly overjoyed about it. Her honeymoon, perhaps?


Nice Tan

Kim in the Netherlands sends this bikini girl along, hoping that she’s pretty enough for you — er, I guess she means me.


Beach Bettie

Bettie Page, as photographed by Bunny Yeager who was herself a ridiculously gorgeous pinup girl back in the day.


Map of Mexico, Circa 1930

When Ana at My World of Postcards received a card identical to this one a few weeks ago, she mentioned that she thought it would appeal to me. She was right.


Hawaiian Pin-Up Girl, 1946

This postcard features a 1946 illustration by Billy DeVorss, who produced images for advertising but is primarily known for his pin-up girls.


Bubbling Over

It turns out that you can conserve water by decreasing the size of your bathtub — or, in this case, temporarily repurposing a washtub.


“Jester” by Olivia

Girlzoot’s first of hopefully many postcard contributions is an image of the first lady of pinups, Bettie Page, by the equally incomparable artist Olivia de Berardinis.