Girls Go Postal! One man's obsession with the women in his mailbox


A Stiff Breeze

My grandmother used to hang out clothes to dry in the wintertime, but never quite got results like this.


Turkish Bath, NYC, 1904

Most of the Byron Collection photos are documentary in nature, but this one’s a bit odd. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the man in this picture is a woman with a false mustache.



The ‘Yes’ girl, shown in this 1946 painting, typifies the bathing beauties created by famed artist Haddon Sundblom for Coca-Cola in the 1940s.

0 #11

Here’s another of a series of vintage pinup postcards, and this blog’s raison d’être: a nude woman with mom hair. Compared with modern advertising imagery, this photo is far more innocent.


The Art of Lee Joong Seop

A postcard featuring some watercolors and sketches by Lee Joong Seop (1916-1956), of Jeju Island, South Korea. Mr. Lee certainly had a unique view of the female form.


A Curt Teich Glamour Girl, 1940

My goodness! Somebody is certainly in love with her own appearance, isn’t she? I can’t help but wonder why this young lady doesn’t have a date.


“Floating Nude”, 1939

Edward Weston was far ahead of his time; his series of self-portraits, nudes, landscapes and close-up still-lifes defined modernist photography.